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Successful weekend for our 101st Annual Convention of the Department of Puerto Rico

Story by Public Relations Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez,

Our department celebrated its 101st Annual Convention at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in our Islands Capitol. We began on Friday with our Meet & Greet where we gather a little over 100 veterans with family members for a great evening of music by Veteran Dalvin Ortiz from Post 45 in Dorado with his group "La Septima Cuerda". It was a lovely acoustic combination of all of musical genre in an ambience of comradery and dancing alike.

For our two days of work (Saturday and Sunday) we had a calender full of great resources that were invited like:

  • Veteran Advocate

  • Executive Director of Va Carribean Healthcare System

  • MCS brought Tamboricua for an entertainment piece to ensure our veterans maintain themselves positive and ensure that they know that they can exercise without impact to feel healthy

  • Gang & Associates


  • TALA President

  • Charles Aucoin our National Vice Commander

As part of our normal operations the Executive Commitee gave their reports & the Nomination Commitee gave the instructions for elections process; as well they introduced the Candidates for Department Commander by giving them time to sell their last pitch of their ideas to over 160 Delegates in the Island of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands & Dominican Republic that will be voting on Sunday.

This year we honored and dedicated our Convention to Mr. Harry Daniel who serves as the esteemed Commander of the American Legion Viggo E. Sewer Post 131 from the U.S.V.I. which he has hold for seven years now. Harrys tireless efforts to improve his community stem from his genuine desire to make a difference. He believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting veterans and island residents alike. Supported by his loving wife, Harrys unwavering dedication to service embodies the spirit of a True American Hero!!

As part of the BE THE ONE Campaign we emphasized in our Meet & Greet and part of the Awards to highlight ways to say thank you to some of our Veteran Legionnaires that Save Lives by being Peer Support Leaders in different organizations we collaborate with like The Wounded Warrior Project PR (Ariel Soto), Endeavors PR (Peter Rivera & Edgardo Rodriguez), Irreverent Warriors (Audy Laboy) & Dalvin Ortiz from (Post 45). In our meet and greet we had positive stickers inside a Pava/Straw Hat to focus our community on positive messages to uplift everyone's spirit.

It was a great weekend to work, gather and enjoy each other's company with our family members for a weekend full of surprises and positive activities that will get all our commanders ready to try to achieve our 100% membership goal by December 2024.

We wish you all a great beginning of Fiscal Year 2025.

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