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Member Services

Membership Chair's Report

Membership in the American Legion offers many benefits including community, advocacy in Washington, an opportunity to provide children with activities and education, and a sense of camaraderie. Veteran's rights and their families are our main focus. That's why we keep lobbying in Washington for veterans, to support current service personnel, and to promote Americanism. Our organization is the largest veteran's organization in the United States. Learn more

You're minutes away from a strong circle of veterans committed to strengthening the community, making a difference, and providing benefits along the way. Join or contact Department HQ at (787) 792-4899.

Active participation, volunteerism, and membership play a crucial role in the success of the American Legion. People and communities are the assets of the organization. 

Avoid future due increases. Pay Up For Life (PUFL)!


Existing members may now enroll in the Paid Up For Life program online or print an application and mail in their payment. Pay in full or choose to pay in 12 installments

Some advantages 

  • No more renewal notices. No more paying annual dues.

  • You won't have to worry about whether you renewed or not.”

  • A lifetime subscription to The American Legion Magazine!

Paid Up For Life members receive a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper card to verify their continuing membership in The American Legion. Annual cards are mailed in July.

Once transferring, you'll be able to connect with other veterans, part of your annual dues will stay local, and you'll be part of our real strength. We offer both local and cyberpost transfer options through Department Headquarters.

The American Legion welcomes active-duty personnel, veterans, and those who have served honorably in any of the eligible war eras.

Membership in the American Legion can save you money. The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion offer exclusive discounts for products and services such as travel, health care, personal finance, and computers.

Weekly membership reports are posted as early as Thursday and no later than Fridays of each week. Check and see where your area, district, and post stand. allows members to connect with their Post and Department leadership.

myLegion includes a site at each level of the organization: Members, Departments, and Posts/Districts/Counties  

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