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Semifinal A & B for Legion Baseball Puerto Rico on their way to start today

Updated: Jul 9

Published by Public Relations Elizabeth Martínez González

Legion Baseball Puerto Rico will be playing this Saturday the first two games of three of the Regional Playoff Semifinals to see who passes to finals in Region A and B. Teams of each group to win 2 out of 3 games passes to the next round.

NOTE: if teams tie (1-1) on Saturday, they will play on Sunday 7 July 2024 at Ydelfonso Sola Morales at 9am & 12pm to untie this series.

Semifinal A is composed by teams SBO PR (POST 129) vs SEIGE (POST 84) & Semifinal B will be teams (SBO CAGUAS (POST 2) vs TSD (POST 160)

Region A will be playing first 2 games at 9am & 12pm at Ydelfonso Sola Morales Complejo in Caguas (Regional Playoffs SEMIFINAL A)

Region B will be playing first 2 games at 9am & 12pm at Complejo Deportivo del Este en Caguas (Regional Playoffs SEMIFINAL B)

Current Standing is as follows:

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