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Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez, Public Relations, Department of Puerto Rico

Reports from National in the month of March show that the Department of Puerto Rico is currently in 1st place in Membership for 2023 with a 96.09%. But, to stay in the 1st place we still need Veterans to join to maintain the distinguished honor of finishing in the first place by end of year which is in May.

We should know the outcome of our recruitment and retention numbers at our 100th Convention which will be celebrated in the Island from 9-11 June 2023 in the Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan Hotel & Casino.

Last year, Puerto Rico finished with a 103% in Membership and we have a growing number of Veterans from the Golf War but it's the Veterans from the Global War on Terrorism that are ready to step up to the plate and refresh the American Legion concept to stay relevant for the next 100 years. So, we invite all those Post 911 Veterans to join the American Legion, expresses the Commander of Post 45 in Dorado & Public Relations for the Department.

We just revitalized the post in the municipality of Dorado in June 2022 with 5 members and our membership has grown to 47 in this short time. Veterans are seeing what we are doing and are willing to come on board and do the work. As well Veterans are looking for things to do, get back into society and communities so we have been partnering up with organizations like Wounded Warrior Project & The Mission Continues to get back out there and serve. Our veterans still have so much to offer in society and that is what counts, but they need to be seen and heard so they can adapt the organizations to new things we wish to do or see in the Veteran Community. Trying to do activities that attract our veterans so they can leave their homes is also helping in their Mental Health. We want to be a part of something bigger and the American Legion and all the VSO (Veteran Service organizations) have something for each person, explains our Public Relations for the Department Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez.

In current numbers sent thru National, The Department of Puerto Rico not only made the 90% quota for March, but we also made the 95% quota for April. "Meaning we have a final stretch to get things done and accomplish not only the 100% prior to closing of this fiscal year, but we should stride to accomplish a little over 103% accomplished last year. Now is when recruiting really counts to accomplish the numbers at the end of the year and we need everyone's help to accomplish this, explains the Adjutant from the Department of Puerto Rico Juan A Cruz Rodriguez". The Adjutant also encouraged all the Post in the Island to keep motivating your Legionnaires to renew their memberships, that is key in the final stretch.

Carmen I Rosario, Commander for the Department reports that she is so overjoyed with the work put forth by the Post & District Commander in this term who just ensured Puerto Rico finished in first place in their category and winning nationwide in the Big Twelve as reported by National. The Commander recognized the arduous and magnificent work everyone has accomplished so far, but we have not finished recruiting or retaining members into our organization. We still have 4% to accomplish the 100% and if we wish to accomplish breaking last year's goal, we need to work hard in the following two months. Commander expresses her heartfelt Congratulations to all the Post Commanders for a Job Well Done.

We have a lot to appreciate and be thankful for in the first 100 years of our organization, they are the ones that have Advocated to accomplish the opening of VAs, Vet Centers, GI Bill, Pact Act within so many other programs. Our Legionnaires are that Veteran Community that is still serving to better the quality of life of our Heros, and I believe it's time for our newer generations to come out and serve alongside them. This will help us ensure we have a voice for many years to come.

If you wish to join, you can contact any of the forty-five posts around the Island for membership.

To better serve our Veterans, we have included our web page for the Department of Puerto Rico so you can find the post closest to your home of record.

Departamento de Puerto Rico: 787-792-4899

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peter Camacho
peter Camacho
13. Juli 2023

hello and thank you for the opportunity to infor the following On july 4 2023 Post 150 of Aguadilla celebrated our nations founding with a bbq . we had an attendence of 65 guest. Wen added an additional 5 members to our post. In attendance was the Hon Mayor Julio Roldan Concepcion , also our Hon Rep Wilson J. Roman Lopez. Looking Forward it is our intent to aquire additional members. Under way are efforts to communicate with active DOD personnel. As point of view the American Legion (AM), needs to reach outside of the vetertans community and sponcer/converse with active duty members of the armed forces in order to attract there attention before the become veterans. On the civi…

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Public Relations Department PR
Public Relations Department PR
03. Aug. 2023
Antwort an

Legion Baseball season is almost here. Hope to see the teams do their best. We are currently working on how we can attract more veterans to our organization any suggestions feel free to give us your update so we can put it in our MOU. Thanks for your valuable input.

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