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Legion Baseball Tournament in Puerto Rico begins this next Sunday 2 June

Story by Public Relations Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez,

We are so excited to inform that this next Sunday we will commence Legion Baseball in the Island thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Caguas & Baseball Team Criollos de Caguas in conjunction with The American Legion, Department of Puerto Rico.

Our department commander Carmen Rosario had a couple of goals prior to finishing her tenure for these last two years. One of them was to work on bringing back Legion Baseball with the help of our Chairman Angel Narvaez & Rene Berlingeri that made everything possible.

"We are super excited to launch this program to impact our youth with four great teams, hopefully next year we can have many more teams to celebrate the 100 years of us participating in this tournament", says Carmen Rosario. "It has been a great relationship we have fostered with the Municipality of Caguas and the Criollos de Caguas General Managers these last two years; we are super honored to be able to bring this program back in my hometown" Rene Berlingeri informed us. "We are happy as a group to be able to bring back this league to keep impacting in the different programs the American Legion has to offer in the Island; we keep impacting our communities in a positive way and at the same time we get to all cheer our local teams as a family, together in a positive and healthy way." says Angel Narvaez.

We hope to see you all there.

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