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Department of Puerto Rico will Host Golf Tournament for great cause

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

27 February 2023 by Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez

Public Relations of The American Legion, Department of Puerto Rico


In the month of May, we will be celebrating our 100th year anniversary with a Golf Tournament that will serve as a way to raise funds for The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation that provides vital support for military and veteran parents in unexpected financial crises. Another portion of the help goes out to provide support for service officers in their tireless efforts to obtain care, due benefits and opportunities of disabled veterans and families. Nationwide as a collective the goal to make this program sustainable for the future is Fundraising $25M.

Here are some ways this Program Helps our Veterans Nationwide:

  • This program ensures that about 750,000 veterans can receive free disability claims assistance at any time (free of charge) by a trained and accredited American Legion Service Officers Nationwide.

  • Provides a potential amount of an American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Grant of $1,500 to help military and veteran families with young children cover the costs of basic household needs during a crisis.

  • $30 million is used as cash grants issued from The American Legion Endowment Fund and Veterans & Children Foundation to families in need since 1925.

  • Program has been able to benefit about $14.25B in VA disability benefits secured for veterans in 2020 alone by American Legion-Accredited Service Officers.

  • With a number of benefits distributed of $1.1 million in VA disability benefits secured by Oklahoma American Legion service officers, working night and day, between June 2020 and April 2021, the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2,080 children whose homes were stabilized by American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Grants in 2013 alone, a year of over $1 million in cash-grant distributions for military and veteran families facing unexpected financial crises.

If you wish to continue the legacy of helping this program, feel free to Register for this Event or Sponsor this event by contacting Angel Narvaez at 787-518-0049 or Alfonso Christian at 787-525-9377 for more information.

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