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101st Annual Convention of the American Legion in Puerto Rico is dedicated to Mr. Harry Daniels from the U.S.V.I

Story by Public Relations Elizabeth Martinez Gonzalez,

This year we honored and dedicated our 101st Annual Convention to Mr. Harry Daniel who serves as the esteemed Commander of the American Legion Viggo E. Sewer Post 131 from the U.S.V.I.

He has held this position for the last seven years now. His community involvement is extensive, boards including the Virgin Island Board of Education, St John Community Foundation and the U.V.I. Board Trustees. His commitment to education and public service earned him recognition, including Congressional honors for his outstanding service to the St John community.

Mr. Daniel ensures the Post continued success in maintaining a 100% membership rate, a testament to his leadership and dedication. Harrys tireless efforts to improve his community stem from his genuine desire to make a difference.

He believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting veterans and island residents alike. Supported by his loving wife, Harrys unwavering dedication to service embodies the spirit of a True American Hero!!

Mr. Daniel we are honored to have you in our ranks, and we thank you for being someone we can all emulate to be.

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